Inspirational Books and Gifts

BOUNTY PUBLISHERS is a company established to provide gifts, books, and other print media that are inspirational, encouraging, and enlightening.  We offer aviation books and other items as well as books on cancer treatment. Our mission is to provide the public with quality products that bring hope and joy through knowledge and inspiration.

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." He wants us to enjoy the full bounty of life forever including our brief time on this earth. We call ourselves Bounty Publishers because we want to help everyone realize the bountiful blessings that are ours if we will only recognize them and pursue them. Whether our merchandise involves spiritual insight, relationships, or testimonials, you will find it life-enhancing.

Bounty Publishers owners, Terry and Linda Thompson, are both in their third careers--his after the military and pastoral ministry, and hers following business and government positions. They have four grown children and seven precious grandchildren. They serve in various ministries through their local church as well as other venues